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What are we about

We’re on a mission to increase the pace of change towards a better world using digital technology.

That’s why we’re called DxDy, it’s math, the formula for calculating the rate of change. We take a scientific, technical approach to solving problems.

Digital technology can bring us closer together or create division, help us work out our differences amicably or stoke conflict and misunderstanding. We’re passionate about using a human-centred approach to building technology solutions to the worlds most difficult problems.

Headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka, working with international movements, social enterprise and government we have a unique, global perspective.


Managed Hosting

We look after your digital assets for you, we do everything that is required to your site up, running and performing; allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Our hosting product combines all the services and skills required to keep a modern website operational into one simple comprehensive plan.

Technology solutions

If you’re trying to solve a problem we can help you work out the most appropriate technical solution, platforms, scoping and delivery. We’re also adept at diving into existing code-bases and understanding what needs to be done to either keep them running or refactor and upgrade the product or platform.

Quality Assurance

Would you like to have your website or web application tested through, or would like to have a suite of user interface tests that you can use to automate your quality process.

Data wrangling

We specialise in working with large datasets. Whether that’s content migrations, data-integration projects, data-analysis or visualisation.

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About Brooklyn
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Our Work

Powerful technology solutions done simply, from DxDy.

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